The Sound of AI

I started my YouTube channel The Sound of AI at the beginning of 2020. On The Sound of AI, you can find technical tutorials about AI audio/music, podcasts with music tech leaders, career advice for getting started as an AI audio engineer, and way more.

I usually group my related videos into series, which tackle a major topic. Below, you can find a few series I produced.

In “Deep Learning (for Audio) with Python”, you’ll be introduced to Deep Learning in the context of audio from scratch.

In “Audio Signal Processing for Machine Learning” you can master key audio signal processing concepts and learn how to process raw audio data, to power audio-driven AI applications.

With “Deep Learning (Audio) Application: From Design to Deployment”, you can learn how to build a simple speech recognition system with TensorFlow and deploy it with Docker as a Flask API on Amazon AWS.

The “Melody generation with RNN-LSTM” covers music generation with Deep Learning models.

In the “Tips and Tricks” playlist, I share my experience in AI audio as a researcher, and industry player. I also give some advice on how to land a job in AI audio/music and how you can acquire skills in the field.