The Sound of AI – Audio Programmer Job Offer

The Sound of AI brings you a job opportunity from one of the most exciting music tech companies around.


Audio Programmer – Music Education


  • Canada / Vietnam
  • Fully remote possible

If you’re working fully remote, you should be available to liaise with teams in Canada / Vietnam.


You’ll be hired by Amanotes. Amanotes is a fast-growing startup in the music-tech industry. Amanotes seeks to delight people with interactive music experiences. Since 2014, 30+ music games and mobile applications were published under Amanotes’ name with over 2 billions downloads worldwide and 120+ million monthly active users. In 2019, Amanotes was proudly listed as the #1 mobile apps publisher from Southeast Asia, the #1 music games publisher in the world, and one of the top 20 mobile apps publishers in the world across all categories.

About Business Unit – Amanotes Music Education

Learning musical instruments can be stressful for adult learners as traditional methods are inconvenient and costly, while e-learning tends to be one-size-fit-all and doesn’t meet individual goals and interests. With the vision “Everyone Can Music”, Amanotes aims to bridge such a gap by redesigning e-learning experience to accommodate every learner’s needs and enable them to achieve their musical dream faster and easier

Job objectives

You will extract and analyze information embedded in audio signals; and create real-time algorithms on mobile applications to make more accurate and reliable inputs for the sound recognition machine learning models.

What you will do

  • Collaborate closely with Product Owners, Mobile Developers and AI Engineers to analyze, design, develop and implement real-time signal processing algorithms on mobile applications to improve model’s accuracy and latency with:
    • Spectrogram optimization;
    • Noise cancellation and echo removal;
    • Hardware detection.
  • Setting up and designing experiments to gather necessary data for development or to test algorithms.
  • Provide analysis of data that is statistically and scientifically meaningful.
  • Research and implement state of the art signal processing techniques and algorithms.


  • Bachelor’s degree in  Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Music Tech or a related field and industry experience.
  • Having practical experience in applying basic DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms (FIR, IIR, FFT, etc.) on real-time audio-related applications.
  • Having knowledge in advanced DSP algorithms such as adaptive linear filter, least mean square optimization, independent component analysis, hidden markov model, etc.
  • Understanding the figure of merits used to evaluate the whole process performance such as latency, computational complexity, SNR, etc.
  • Experience with tools such as MATLAB, Linux, Mathematica, Simulink – and languages such as Python, C/C++, Java etc.

Will be a plus

  • Experience in real-time digital signal processing on mobile.
  • Having previously published papers (conference, journal) related to audio processing is a big plus.
  • Having knowledge of musical theory is also a big plus.
  • Experience working with AI (audio / music) applications, especially polyphonic music transcription.
  • Experience implementing and optimizing machine learning-based signal processing algorithms.
  • Experience in Music Information Retrieval.
  • Understanding of mobile devices’ audio components.
  • You love music and music-related products.
  • You can play at least 1 instrument.

Contract type

  • Contract type is flexible. You can be hired as employee or freelancer.
  • The position is long term.


This is a full-time position.


EUR 110K to 140K depending on experience / skills.

How to apply

Please send an email to Valerio Velardo at with the following information:

  • CV
  • (Short) cover letter
  • GitHub page
  • LinkedIn profile

Expect to hear back from Valerio both in case of negative / positive response in a few days. If the initial screening is positive, you’ll be invited to an interview with Valerio.

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