Community netiquette

When you participate in the conversation on The Sound of AI Slack community, please follow these rules:

  1. Be always respectful
  2. Be kind
  3. Be supportive
  4. Try to give more than take
  5. Avoid posting the same thing in multiple channels / multiple times
  6. The focus of the community is on AI / music / audio. Keep the conversation around these themes!
  7. When asking for feedback, formulate specific questions which provide enough context. For more info, I published a video on how to ask great questions
  8. When answering a post, avoid cross-posting to the entire thread (i.e., keep the conversation in one thread)
  9. Post content in the correct channels
  10. Don’t use #general. I use this channel to share new videos and things related to The Sound of AI
  11. Use #advice to ask for feedback and help
  12. Use #projects to share projects you’re working on
  13. Use #introductions to introduce yourself with the community
  14. Use #papers to share / discuss / request articles
  15. Use #resources to share / request resources which are relevant for the community (e.g., datasets, libraries, websites…)
  16. Use #community-updates to share events (e.g., conferences, workshops, hackathons, …) which may be of interest to the community
  17. Use #random to share things that are not covered in other channels
  18. if you have posted in a “wrong” channel, then relocate your post to appropriate channel before it will be removed
  19. Don’t publish job opportunities in the community. If you’re looking for AI audio/music talent please use this service.

The moderators and I will remove posts which go against the netiquette.