AI Music R&D

This service comprises a number of phases:

  1. In-depth research of the academic / industrial literature to identify the most promising approaches to solve your problem. 
  2. Designing the solution and formalising its architecture to ensure scalability (if necessary).
  3. Prototyping and experimenting with solutions.
  4. Bringing prototype to production level.

Depending on your needs, you may require all or only a subset of the above mentioned phases.

If the scale of the project is large, I can build a team of freelancing AI music engineers to implement your vision. In order to do so, I will leverage The Sound of AI community (see AI Music Team Formation).

Below is a list of sample applications I’m excited to work on, and that I have been involved with to different degrees in the past. This list is by no means complete, and it serves the purpose of giving you a broad idea of my topics of interest:

  • Generative music systems
  • Music recommendation systems
  • Music search
  • (Multimodal) music classification
  • Music emotion classification
  • Music genre classification
  • Instrument classification
  • Automatic mixing / mastering
  • Automatic music performance
  • Automatic chord recognition
  • Melody detection
  • Collaborative AI / human music systems
  • Intelligent music / loop recombination systems
  • Automatic music audience profiling
  • … 

Here are a few non-musical topics in audio I’m also interested in:

  • Audio / sound classification
  • Speech recognition
  • Audio-based anomaly detection
  • Noise cancelling

I don’t build websites, mobile / desktop applications. I only focus on the AI music core of your product.

What’s the price for your services?

I charge an hourly fee. My rate is EUR 250 / hour for all the services I offer. 

For complex projects (e.g., where I contract multiple engineers), I apply a custom pricing.

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I offer a 20-minute free Clarity Call where I: 

  • Assess what resources and steps you require to implement your AI music vision.
  • Identify how you can use AI music to bring more value to your business.
  • Evaluate if and how I can help.

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