AI Audio Knowledge Transfer

This service is perfect if you have a team of data scientists or developers, who don’t have specialised knowledge in AI audio / music. 

With this service I:

  • Provide expert advice and mentorship to your team.
  • Provide feedback to what your team has built so far.
  • Devise a development roadmap your team can follow to build an AI music product.
  • Guide your team ensuring milestones are met, and reviewing their work.

I deliver this service through:

  • 1:1 mentorships
  • Team sessions
  • (Virtual) workshops

What’s the price for knowledge transfer services?

I charge an hourly fee for knowledge transfer services. My rate is EUR 250 / hour. 

For complex projects (e.g., where I contract multiple engineers), I apply custom pricing.

What’s the next step?

I offer a 20-minute free Clarity Call where I: 

  • Assess what resources and steps you require to implement your AI audio / music vision.
  • Evaluate if and how I can help.

The Clarity Call is meant for discussing projects which will potentially lead to a continued engagement. If you need a single consulting touch point, the right next step for you is scheduling a Single AI Audio Consulting Session.

The Clarity Call is meant for business clients only. Students can check out both The Sound of AI YouTube channel and the Slack community for getting feedback.

To schedule a free Clarity Call, please fill up the form below. Please be exhaustive in your answers, so I can provide the best feedback possible during the call.

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