Hi there! Valerio Velardo here. I focus on building AI audio/music products, and researching and consulting in the AI audio/music space.

In 2016, I co-founded and led Melodrive as CEO. At Melodrive, we built the first AI music engine that generates video game music in realtime. The generated soundtracks evolve endlessly and adapt their emotional features, based on the narrative and visual state of the game.

The journey with Melodrive brought me to Silicon Valley, where I raised a VC round and got in love with the startup world. Coming 2020, we sold the company and I started a new journey.

Pitching Melodrive at Boost VC Demo Day  (Tribe 10) in California.

I’m now consulting and freelancing in the AI audio/music space. If you’d like to know more about what I offer, please check out the Services page.

In parallel, I work as a Senior Data Scientist for Musimap, where I develop all sorts of Machine Learning algorithms for analysing and making sense of music.

Starting from January 2020, I launched The Sound of AI YouTube channel, where I regularly publish educational material on technical and business aspects of AI audio/music.

As a spin-off to the channel, I launched The Sound of AI Slack Community, which now features hundreds of learners, practitioners and researchers in AI audio/music.

You may be wondering about my background. Well, I have a PhD in AI Music (what a surprise!). I studied both music (composition, conducting, and piano performance) and astrophysics at degree and Masters’ levels.

Now you should know more about me than most people out there!