I help music tech companies implement their AI music vision.

My work helps you with 4 problems. I’m primarily focused on music tech companies, but all companies with a focus on audio (e.g., speech, sound) can benefit:

  1. You have decided to build a new product powered by AI music technology. Maybe you don’t have in-house AI music talent. Perhaps you don’t know where to start researching the solution, nor you know how to develop the product and bring it to production. Solution for AI Music R&D.
  2. You want to devise an AI music strategy, but don’t know what’s possible nor how to organise a realistic R&D plan, which accounts for your resources. Solution for AI Music Strategy
  3. You are establishing an AI music team, but don’t know where to find AI music experts. Maybe you are not sure about what skills you should look for in potential candidates, nor have the knowledge to evaluate those. Solution for AI Music Team Formation
  4. You are developing an AI music product with your team of generalist data scientists. Perhaps your AI team doesn’t have sufficient expertise in AI music / Music Information Retrieval. Maybe your team requires guidance to research, design, and implement the product. Solution for AI Music Knowledge Transfer

Why am I not just another AI consultant?

  • I live and breathe AI music. My focus is AI music. I have more than 10 years of experience researching and developing AI music solutions (from generative music systems to recommendation engines, and all there is in between).
  • I consulted and developed AI music products for numerous music tech and entertainment companies. A few of them: Loopmasters, Musimap, Groovecat, DJ Swivel, NowHere Media, Kevin Mack Art.
  • I know all aspects involved in AI music. I have a PhD in AI Music. I’m a musician: pianist since I was 6 year old, composer since my teens, conductor since my 20s. I have been involved with AI and programming since I was a teen. I have studied physics at degree level, and have published research in music cognition.
  • I founded and led as CEO an AI music startup (Melodrive), which I sold in 2020 and brought me to Silicon Valley.
  • I share my knowledge on AI audio / music on my YouTube channel (The Sound of AI).
  • I founded and currently run the largest AI audio / music community in the world, with 10K+ subscribers on my YouTube channel, and ca. 2K members on The Sound of AI Slack group. Because of this, I have access to the largest pool of AI audio / music talent in the world.
  • I have experience planning and leading large R&D projects with hundreds of researchers. I’ve founded and am currently running OpenSource Research with The Sound of AI community. This is one of the first research projects following the principles of open source and crowdsourcing, that features hundreds of researchers with different skill levels. Learn more about OpenSource Research.

Want to learn more about me?

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  • Assess what resources and steps you require to implement your AI music vision.
  • Identify how you can use AI music to bring more value to your business.
  • Evaluate if and how I can help.

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Knowledge base

One of my core values is sharing knowledge about AI audio / music for free. For this reason, I created:

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